1 in 10 of your workers probably has

Dermatitis isn’t just dry itchy skin. In severe cases, the skin can become infected and the end result can be career and life changing. Is there a crack in your skincare regime?

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Dermatitis. The health problem you didn’t know you had

Dermatitis. The health problem you didn’t know you had 

The high cost of underestimating

For those affected, it can be both painful and embarrassing, affecting both work and family life. But it can also hurt businesses too, through lost productivity, fines, legal fees, compensation and reputational damage.

Don’t get caught red handed

Our skincare specialists can help you manage and mitigate the risks of dermatitis.

Using a skin analysis tool we’ll assess and measure your workers’ skin, carry out ongoing surveillance, recommend and provide the right products and training and advise you on the placement of products.

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The RIDDOR risk you’re not planning for

Don’t get caught

Don't get caught red handed

red handed

No reported dermatitis at your business doesn’t necessarily mean no problems. Just 2% of occupational skin disease is reported. Are your workers just suffering in silence?

Skin diseases are the

work-related health problem in europe2

of workers don't report skin conditions3

of skin disease cases are dermatitis4

They represent

of all occupational illnesses in Europe5

Every day, more than

suffer from dermatitis6

will suffer a skin issue at some point in their working life7





1   10


most common

more than



Up to

of industrial workers

It hurts Businesses too



is the number of working days lost

in Britain because of occupational skin conditions8

is the average cost to an employer for each case of an

unreported hand health problem9

is the average cost to an employer for each

reported case of dermatitis10

conviction cost for 25 employees

in H&S related prosecution in 2018/1911

(excluding compensation, fines and legal fees)



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